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Paseando al perro bajo la lluvia.

SAUL LEITER Saul uses lighting and other objects to frame his subjects and this is no different - the rain and umbrella frames the woman and her dog. The black and white coloring makes it look eerie and the rain makes it look like a watercolor.

This would be so cool if the album ends up being titled "Gasoline" if we used fire and smoke to surround me instead of fog. Obsessed with the black and white and old looking photo style.

there are other people out there - singing the same melodies of wanderlust, climbing over mountains in the dark, and waking in the night to stare at the moon, thinking of this large world and dreaming - just like you." I Apex Curve

Photos by Christophe Jacrot - ‘Hong-kong in the rain' L'enlèvement: cm 12 ex / cm 12 ex

Welcome Spring, Walking Away, Rain, Color, The Rain, Bass Guitars, Colour, Colors

A woman is cooking rice crackers in a small hut at Inle Lake, Birma.  -- Your Shot. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.

Cooking Light by Bas Uterwijk. A woman is cooking rice crackers in a small hut at Inle Lake, Birma.

Rainy day, a little boy insisted on an umbrella, waiting for their parents to come back.

Who's afraid of a little rain? Red polka dotted umbrella in the rain with a little girl.

I hope I can convince Jess to post the color version of this, I had a hard time choosing, but ended up preferring the darker feeling of the duotone.  "Rainy night in Austin" will continue shortly. Just realized that Jess already posted the color vers

Black and white Photography woman walking down street with umbrella on rainy night alleyway

Rain. Wow. I can feel it and I can smell it! (aj) ~Inge~ @ http://www.facebook.com/ComicsFantasy & http://www.facebook.com/groups/ArtandStuff

I can just picture it being a warm night but, the rain brings in a refreshing cool breeze; in which u walk slowly to your car.