Sexy Summer Arms, toned arm workout for summer- super easy! Join me on facebook for more weight loss tips and encouragement!

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Previous pinner said: "Sexy Summer Arms Workout Click the website link to check out how I lost 21 pounds in 1 month." I love arm work outs.

Stay Fit for Summer: Chisel Your Calves

Stay Fit for Summer: Chisel Your Calves

Dont forget about your lower legs in between squats and lunges. This quick calf workout will help you sculpt defined legs fast stayfitforsummer?

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Double plank and push ups for even more of a challenge.Plank, Push Up, Squat, Crunch 30 day challenge! Id need to at least double the pushups challange

I hate the name of this workout I just want to make my thighs firmer.

Bye-Bye Thunder Thighs Workout OK I think I can handle all but the one leg squat. I see that move ending badly LOL

5 One-Song Workouts

5 One-Song Workouts

One song workout - Jay Z on to the next one. What songs do you like working out to at the

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The Quickest Muffin-Top Workout. Even if you only have five minutes, you can fit in an ab workout. This workout targets the obliques to tone the muffin top and will work your middle from all angles.

Workout of the day! For the very important core section of the body! Target those love handles!

As women, we tend to carry our body fat from the waist down, particularly in the legs and hips. One of the biggest complaints I hear from clients is wanting to get rid of “love handles”, or the fat th