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Mi-2 helicopter crashes in Northwest Siberia #helicopternews #aviationwes #mi2crash #yamalcrash #siberiacrash

helicopter crashes in Northwest Siberia

Graceful Departure honors the many brave dogs who serve. Among the bravest are the special forces k9s!

Navy SEALS and Navy DOGS! This is an amazing photo of the Navy Seals repelling from a helicopter with their dog"s. The Navy Seals will actually do this. Great action picture with only the rotary blades showing motion.

On Lost Friends And Heroes - Part One

On Lost Friends And Heroes - Part One

Helicopters like the Sea Dragon and the Seahawk are do-it-all kinds of workhorses for the Navy.

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Black Hawk helicopters airlift howitzers to a predetermined area on Fort Drum, N., July The Soldiers are assigned to Battalion, Field Artillery. The helicopter crew is assigned to Army Aviation Support Facility in Latham, N.

AH 64 Apache

Trio of Apache Longbow Helicopter seen hovering together in this photo. Apache Longbow Helicopter firing rocket in this picture.

Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman joint-venture Longbow International has been awarded a contract to support Longbow fire control radars (FCR) mounted onboard the UK Army's Apache AH Mk.1 attack helicopter fleet... http://www.army-technology.com/news/newsagustawestland-awards-uk-apache-fcr-support-contract-to-longbow

Army Air Corps Apache attack helicopter takes off from the deck of the Royal Navy's amphibious assault helicopter carrier HMS Ocean