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zandraart: do it for her

What the Crewniverse eat after some episodes were made

Steven universe foods made by the SU crew

ok id feel bad but what if pearl only did love her for the fact she looks like rose...and would leave her or hate her for changing

Mystery Pearl Comic: Pearl x Mystery Girl

Why do I love this so much?? :">

stevenuniverse, lapis and peridot

Avatar and su crossover!!


Steven Universe Meets Avatar, and I'm pretty sure their Myers Briggs match up. I definitely know zuko and lapis are INFP and Steven and Aang are ENFP.

Love Like You | Steven Universe

Love Like you - end credits song

Rose quartz<<<this is sad because rose thinks that pearl is only doing this because she is a pearl and she is meant to obey her

"My Pearl."

i'm super convinced this is proof that Pearl loved Rose.

Steven Universe: Trending Images Gallery | Know Your Meme

Pretty much...

Na vida eu sou uma mistura de Blue Perl e Lars ,_,

what its like between ruby sapphire and amethyst:

my head canon is that Sugilite is a physical representation of the animostity amethyst and garnet have towards pearl <-- that would make sense actually

SU - Wonderful by JigokuHana on DeviantArt. I don't care how much I pin this I love it!!

SU - Wonderful by JigokuHana on DeviantArt <-- Awww

Fusion by MudflapArts

Idk I headcanon they literally can't do that serious dancing thing to fuse it HAS to be gay and messy Fusion


Come Back by BoneHatter on DeviantArt<<<Ow my heart

chillin' Garnet

chillin' Garnet

Garnet, Steven, Ruby, and Sapphire.

stevenuniverse, pearl

O my lord Wat


Do I save this to Portal, Steven Universe, or both? Yellow Diamond as GLaDOS.

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This is freaking amazing Artist: Lower left corner I can't make it out (comment if you can!