Origami : Rose

Modular origami kusudama designed by Mio Tsugawa, Applause Curler — two different assembly types: 30 and 90 units.

Etna Kusudama is a modular origami ball folded from rectangular sheets of paper. Designer: Maria Sinayskaya

Diagram for a modular origami ball, Etna Kusudama, designed by Maria Sinayskaya. Folded with 30 rectangular sheets of paper, assembled without glue.

kusudama tutorial - Google Search

While folding the origami Mina from my previous post, I realised that it resembled Mio Tsugawa’s Arabesque.

Curly Star Kusudama (Just translate the page into English: the pictures are very self-explanatory.)

Clara's Paper Garden: Tutorial curler stelute this would look good with greeting cards too

DIY Handmade Crafts. How To Make Amazing Paper Rose. Origami Flowers For...

Amazing Paper Flower DIY Handmade Craft Rose Step by stet tutorial how to make a cute origami rose from squares