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<p>The limitations and insecurity of the human being, his fears and obsessions, his vanity and his desires are nicely captured in the humorous and challenging works of the Dutch artist Guda Koster. Her work, which mixes installation and photography, uses costume as an inventory of enigmatic figures and proposes to the spectator to go beyond…</p>

Guda Koster Enigmatic Installations

"Mafia" game deck by Vladimir Kazak

"Mafia" game deck by Vladimir Kazak

Textile Covered People by Guda Koster | http://www.yellowtrace.com.au/guda-koster-textile-covered-people/

Textile Covered People by Guda Koster

Guda Koster creates living sculptures and performances, using fabrics, colours and patterns that underline the codes and meanings our clothing conveys.

Nathalie Fordeyn's work is very inspirational!

Nathalie Fordeyn studeerde dit jaar af aan de modeacademie in Antwerpen!

Who Am I Today?

This post-modern photograph portrays a meaning of appearances in how we view ourselves. The image has been altered in photoshop to create faces different emotions.

product photography

Photography // Such a nice idea to present a product differently. Prop Styling - Candles and Flowers // Brooklyn Candle Studio: Photostyling, Styling

Thread, Fashion and Costume  I'm way above the floor

The surreal sculptures, installations, and photographs of Dutch artist Guda Koster subvert fashion and create entirely new worlds with its elements. Considering herself more sculptor than photograp…

Fashion designer Hussein Chalayan debuts his first dance production in London.

Hussein Chalayan debuts first dance production in London

'Nude Catwalk' from Hussein Chalayan's show 'Gravity Fatigue'. Photo by Hugo Glendinning.


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