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{happy} Spring Break     #spring #springbreak    http://www.lifeoverhere.com/happy-spring-break

{happy} Spring Break #spring #springbreak http://www.lifeoverhere.com/happy-spring-break

Your Spring Break Packing List: SOLVED!! All of the Essential  items you need this Spring Break!

Solved: Your Essential Spring Break Packing List. All of the items you don't want to forget to bring on your Spring Break trip this year!

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Monday Motivation: Cool Words from John Lennon, Babe Ruth, and Other Interesting Folk

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THERE ARE SO MANY MONDAYS! and the more mondays I turn positive the better I feel! I just take the little things in life I love doing and embed them into my mondays instead of groaning around of how its monday again and life sucks!

6 Reasons Why Summer is Actually the Worst Seaon

6 Reasons Why Summer is Actually the Worst Seaon

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Essentials for Spring Break

Must Have Essentials for Spring Break

Spring break essentials from bikinis to destinations like Cancun, Aruba. We listed all the must have spring break essentials.

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18 Daily Motivational Quotes You Need in 2018

18 Daily Motivational Quotes You Need In 2018