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a letter made out of seashells and shells
an art work made with glass flowers and water droplets on the bottom half of it
Artwork created with Funkadelic's Modelling Glass Resin - Daisy Blues
This beautiful piece of art was created to emulate real glass and it certainly achieved that aim. It was sculpted using the world's first and only Sculpting Glass Resin. This is a Funkadelic exclusive product. A one of a kind, stand out piece that will definitely be a conversation starter. To retain the beauty of this piece it must not be hung in direct sunlight. Like all resin pieces, to do so would cause yellowing.
seashell wreath with instructions to make it
Unique And Beautiful DIY Seashell Wreath - My Humble Home and Garden
a wreath made out of seashells hanging on a wall
a blue and white whale made out of pebbles on the sand with leaves sticking out of it's mouth
Artist Creates Stunning Animal Art From Seashells She Found at the Beach – LOOK
three gold star ornaments sitting on top of a black table
Seashell sparkle
this is an art work with shells and other things on it's surface,
a fish made out of seashells and pearls on a white wall with a price tag
Sea Shell Fish