Qixi & Tanabata Festival

Celebrate the Chinese Qixi Festival and Japanese Matsuri Tanabata! Visit our lovely illustrations for this holiday, also called Chinese Valentine's Day. Find us and buy in Shutterstock, Fotolia, Dreamstime, iStock and DepostiPhotos!
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Golden Heart with Couple Silhouette Celebrating Qixi Festival
Cartoon Magpie Singing the Lovers Story in Qixi Festival
Cute Chinese Couple Celebrating Qixi Festival
Silhouette representing the legendary couple: Niulang and Zhinu with the magpies…
Poster for Qixi Festival with the legendary couple in a ancient scroll: Niulang…
In Love Legendary Couple Commemorating Traditional Qixi Festival
Traditional poster for Qixi Festival with the legendary couple: Niulang and…
Cute Couple Celebrating Qixi Festival
Romantic couple staring at the moon with magpies and clouds around like a heart…