St. Patrick's Day

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a glass vase filled with pine cones and shamrocks on top of a wooden table
St patty’s centerpiece with pine cones
a tray with coins, candles and a candle holder
two green and white plaid pillows sitting on top of a wooden chair next to each other
four leaf clovers made out of felt are shown with instructions to make them look like they
5 Adorable St. Patrick's Day Projects - The Daily Seam
two green and white heart shaped brooches sitting on top of a table
an advertisement for the lucky dog show with a white dog laying on it's back
1702 - You Lucky Dog!
a cross stitch pattern with an image of a woman holding a flower and the words lady
Ideas of March
Things are a whirlwind around here, so I was a little taken aback when Breanna reminded me that I was late in getting my March banner up. That short February month gets me every time! I'm not Irish, but I'm...
four cross - stitch pillows on a wooden bench with pine cones and evergreen needles in the foreground
Stitching Dreams
Stitching Dreams: March 2012 I have most of these charts to stitch.
two white and green gnomes sitting next to each other
Mini Gnomes might be the smallest of the bunch, but they j
Гномики к новому году (dikulya67)
a round rug with four leaf clovers on it
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Wool hand appliqued table topper for St. Patrick's Day, 3-'14
a green and white quilted table runner with shamrocks on the top, sitting on a wooden floor
Светлана Хилько