Pedro Daniel

Pedro Daniel

Colombia - Bogotá
Pedro Daniel
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Spider-Man Infographic

This is an infographic showing the different costumes worn by Spider-Man. I picked this because Spider-Man is my favorite superhero, and I'm interested in costume designs in comic books.

Metal Gear Solid

A very amazingly well done piece of artwork featuring most of the characters from the Metal Gear Solid games.

absurdres against_wall beard big_boss cigar comic death english eyepatch facial_hair hallucination highres long_image metal_gear_(series) metal_gear_solid_v official_style old_man quiet_(metal_gear) shawcody34 smoking solo_focus spoilers stitched tall_image venom_snake

absurdres against wall beard big boss cigar comic death english eyepatch facial hair hallucination highres long image metal gear (series) metal gear solid v official style old man quiet (metal gear) smoking solo focus spoilers stitched tall imag

Iron Man

Throw a little psychadelic rainbow scheme in there---said by someone other than Tony Stark--Elegant Armor. by HERO COMPLEX GALLERY (Iron Man)