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What causes PCOS? Many of the PCOS “experts” in the world do not understand fully the connection between the endocrine system and the reproductive system. Because of this, they miss a very important link between metabolic syndrome and PCOS. Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Reproductive System, Endocrine System, What Causes Pcos, Getting Off Birth Control, Causes Of Infertility, Metabolic Syndrome, Medical Field

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The troublesome thing about PCOS is that it can be caused by many different things, and usually by more than one at a time. Fortunately I have researched

Environmental toxicants causing ovarian disease across generations Ovarian Cancer Awareness, Ovarian Cyst, Pcos Causes, Motivational Thoughts, Hormone Imbalance, Endometriosis, Science And Nature, Breast Cancer

Environmental toxicants causing ovarian disease across generations

Researchers have found that ovarian disease can result from exposures to a wide range of environmental chemicals and be inherited by future generations. Reproductive biologists looked at how a fungicide, pesticide, plastic, dioxin and hydrocarbon mixtures affected a gestating rat's progeny for multiple generations. They saw subsequent generations inherit ovarian disease by "epigenetic transgenerational inheritance."

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Women's Risk of Reproductive Disease Linked to Environmental Estrogens

Chemicals that mimic the human hormone may increase the risk of uterine and ovarian diseases

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Context:Bisphenol A (BPA) is a widespread industrial compound used in the synthesis of polycarbonate plastics. In experimental animals, neonatal exposure to BPA results in a polycystic ovary-like syndrome (PCOS) in adulthood. A bidirectional interaction between androgens and BPA levels has been disclosed.Objective:To determine BPA levels in PCOS women as well as the association between BPA and hormonal/metabolic parameters compared to a control group.Design, Setting, and…

Toxic Environmental Exposures Could Cause Reproductive Harm Across Generations, Study Suggests Fertility Problems, Pcos Causes, Hormone Imbalance, Endometriosis, Health Problems, Environment, Study, Studio, Investigations

Could You Blame Your Ancestors For Your Fertility Problems?

The environment in which your great-great-grandmother lived, breathed, ate and drank might be responsible for health problems endured by you, your childr...