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3D Shoulder Finisher | Toned Shoulder Workouts
Avoid Sarcopenia! You Must Lift Weights!
Join our 30SOLID Challenge this June! Once you begin to understand how crucial it is to incorporate resistance training, that can be a big motivator! Do you want to live longer? Do you want to avoid falls? Do you want to have good posture? Do you want more BDNF and longer telomere length so that you can stave off dementia, and Alzheimer’s? Our physical fitness impacts all of this!
Let's Build Your SHOULDERS!
In order to get that sculpted look on your shoulders, you are going to need a good amount of volume on your shoulders throughout the week. I might do a workout like this on a Monday, and then hit other shoulder exercises in an upper body session, or a total body session toward the end of the week.
Back & Biceps!
Sculpt Your Arms!
Chest & Triceps
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Single leg glute bridge crunches > traditional crunches