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this is one of my favorite pictures and I love it so much they're so perfect not just because they're beautiful which they are, but because they are them and not afraid to be so they're just perfect okay

Finally a pic when cal LUKE and Mikey aren't laughing and r serious like Ash<<and Michael knows where the camera is and CALUM isn't confused!<<<<I'm just laughing because the fam can just predict how a picture is gonna turn out lol

Leer "Secrets About The Past - No Te Recuerdo." #wattpad #romance

Secrets About The Past - No Te Recuerdo.

"yo we're gonna stand here all dope with mega huge pizzas, come and get it ladies" - luke hemmings "what's going on i couldn't care less" - calum hood>>>>>>first of all the only thing they would be getting is me stealing their pizza.