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Hoje apresentamos uma seleção com várias imagens criadas na produção do filme How to Train Your Dragon 2, do estúdio DreamWorks. Os artistas responsáveis por esses belos trabalhos são Peter Chan, Nicolas Weis, Iuri Lioi e Woonyoung Jung. Se ainda não viu e quiser conferir também os posts anteriores, acesse os links no final desta página. Muita coisa legal! (Peter Chan) (Nicolas Weis) ( (Iuri Lioi) (Woonyoung) VISITE:

a brief primer on wooden boat construction… – Now YOU Can Build Your Dream Boat With Over 500 Boat Plans!

Wooden Boat Construction

Wooden boat construction explained

live-aboard - Jay Nelson has a custom camper or mini-home in store for every occasion: tree house, sleeper boat, unconventional caravan and scooter camper. Custom Campers, Cool Campers, Fantasy Craft, Camper Boat, Materiel Camping, Shanty Boat, Cruise Boat, Mobile Living, Woodworking Crafts

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Why pull a boring white trailer that looks like everyone else's when you could have a hybrid camper-boat, a futuristic modular camper or a mobile home on legs that can navigate tough terrain? These 15 dream campers add even more function, not to mention aesthetic appeal, to today's clunky mobile living spaces. Ecco

Storing Food on a Small Sailboat for Long-Term Cruising - Sailboat interior -

Storing Food on a Small Sailboat for Long-Term Cruising

Storing food on a small sailboat may seem challenging at first, but with the right preparation and mindset it’s quite simple.

What's that sail for? I'll explain you everything there is to know about sails and rigs in this article.

The Ultimate Guide to Sail Types and Rigs (with Pictures)

Effective Apparent Wind Angles

Is Carrying Storm Sails on Your Cruising Boat Really Necessary? how to rig a storm jib and storm trysail as storm sails on a sailboat Make A Boat, Build Your Own Boat, Liveaboard Sailboat, Sailboat Cruises, Sailing Lessons, Sailing Basics, Boating Tips, Boat Safety, Boat Projects

Is Carrying Storm Sails on Your Cruising Boat Really Necessary?

It's good insurance to have storm sails available in your sail locker if you are going offshore, and these are recommended fabric weights and dimensions for the storm jib and trysail

28mm Viking Longship – TRE Games

28mm Viking Longship

Viking longship designed for use with 25mm and 28mm miniatures. Longship is almost 14 inches in length and about 3 and 2/8 inches wide. Over 8 inches in height with mast. Assembly required. Instructions included. ! This is one of the more challenging models produced by TRE Games, see blog post for additional suggestions and help with construction of this model.

Model Boat Plan Free – Wooden Boat Plans – Hobbies paining body for kids and adult

201 Wind & Water - Anything and Everything Catalina 22 Sailing Basics, Sailing Terms, Sailing Lessons, Sailing Ships, Boat Navigation, Wooden Speed Boats, Boating Tips, Sailboat Living, Bay Boats

201 Wind & Water - Anything and Everything Catalina 22

Upgrades, Repairs, C22, C-22, Catalina 22, Sailboat, Modifications, Projects, Catalina, Rigging, Maintenance, Maintaining, Mast Stepping, Restoring, Improvements, Photos, Stories, Upgrades, Beginners Help, Auto Pilot, Mast Crane, Restoring, Bilge Pump, Out-Haul, Topping Lift, Down Haul, Galley Stove, Electrical Panels, Handyman Afloat, Fix Anything, 1977 Catalina 22 Swing Keel, Electric Sink Pump, History of Catalina Yachts, restoration, mast raising, teak replacement, epoxy, schematics…

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Why You Need Boat Insurance

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Main features of a Satawal proa Model Sailing Ships, Model Ships, Sailing Boat, Model Sailboats, Liveaboard Boats, Riva Boat, Outrigger Canoe, Runabout Boat, Boat Decor

Indigenous Boats

There are strong but superficial similarities between The Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of Northern Eurasia, a new book by Harri Luukkanen and William W. Fitzhugh, and the 1964 classic The Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America by Edwin Tappan Adney and Howard I. Chapelle. Obviously, there is the title, clearly meant as a respectful acknowledgement of the older work. The two books have the same publisher (Smithsonian), and the same format, both being oversize, printed in black and white…