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The horseshoe arches are extremely common in Moroccan design and are characterized by a large round arch atop a straighter, narrower doorway (or in this case, indentation). In fact, they may also be referred to as Moorish arches (or keyhole arches).

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Interior Bathroom / Toothpaste + Soap //
Exotic bedding.

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Lush Fiddle Leaf Fig.

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Blending British Colonial–style furnishings (including a caned daybed bought for only $20 at a flea market) with laid-back, island-inspired touches like rattan lamps and flowing curtains creates an "Out of Africa" ambiance in this outdoor entertaining space. | Photo: Tria Giovan | thisoldhouse.com
Yvonne O’Brien: This elegant, neutral tone outdoor sitting room is finished out with woven furniture & tribal inspired accessories.
Cottar's Lifestyle Safari Camp is in the eastern Masai Mari of Kenya

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Romantic organic
Laurie Owen
African safari accommodation

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Contemporary Living
♡ ᒪOᑌIᔕE ♡
Fab mix of neutrals and decorating styles! Looks like they packed it all in this apartment!

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two chairs and a table with flowers in a vase on top of it next to each other
Modern Chic Bedside Table Design l Bedroom Storage Ideas l Home decor
an ornate staircase with black and white tile flooring
This attic apartment in Paris is a curious package of all things contemporary
an empty room with white walls and wooden floors is seen through a large ornate framed mirror
an ornate staircase with black and white checkered flooring
Two More Books for Your Consideration
a chandelier hanging from the side of a staircase
Classy Woman - audreylovesparis: Musée Rodin, Paris
an open door with a chandelier hanging from it's side and tiled floor
Unique Home Architecture
an overhead view of a stair case in a building with black and white tiles on the floor
Alone at Versailles
an ornate staircase with chandelier and marble flooring in front of a large window
a chair sitting next to a wall with paintings on it's sides and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling
a white dressing table with a mirror and stool
Stylish Interior Design Idea
an old photo of a room with chandelier and vases on the floor
Château de Moissac. Hire of the property for photo shoots and special events in Provence.
a bedroom with white bedding and flowers on the nightstand
Home Decor and Entertaining Pins
a bedroom with two pictures on the wall and a desk in front of the bed
Sophisticated Bedroom - Traditional - bedroom - Phoebe Howard
a white bed sitting next to a wooden desk in a room with pictures on the wall
an open door leading to a bathroom with a pedestal sink and mirror on the wall
A Château in Provence - Paperblog
a dining room with a fireplace and table covered in a black cloth next to two chairs
An historic residence in Provence to hire for your photo shoots, weddings and special events.
an elegant bedroom with chandelier and furniture
Crunch et Cana
a living room filled with furniture and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling next to a bed
the hallway is lined with marble statues and checkerboard flooring in front of them
Versailles - Loggiato che porta alla Galleria delle Battaglie
a bed with white sheets and pillows in front of a window
My Paris Perfect Week in the Jasnieres Apartment
a bed with white pillows and pictures on the side table next to it, along with a vase filled with flowers
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place in the middle of it's walls
Magnificent historical chateau in Provence
an archway leading into a living room with stone walls and floor to ceiling arched doorways
A Historical Residence in France is Transformed into a Rustic Vacation Home
the stairs in this house are made of stone and have been decorated with art work
This Ivy House
a chandelier hangs from the ceiling above a table with a vase on it
Escape in Sicily in Dimora delle Balze Hotel - AboutDecorationBlog
an open door leading to a living room with chandelier
Dreaming in French
an archway leading to the second floor with black and white checkered tile on the floor
The King's Staircase
an instagram photo of a bathroom with white and gold decor on the walls, floors and ceiling
For the India Apartment: Rustic Pedestal and Wall-Mounted Bathroom Sinks - Nomadic Decorator
a large foyer with black and white checkered flooring, chandelier and windows
Scala Al Paradiso
a bathroom with a pedestal sink and tiled floor
Chateau Domingue
an empty room with two benches and a table in the center, next to a door
AnMa's World/AnMa ZiNe
a bedroom with stone walls and an arched doorway that leads to another room in the house
Made In Italy
an ornately decorated room with paintings and sculptures
Maisons de Vacances
a living room with a painting on the wall and two chairs in front of it
Peek inside this palazzo for the first look at Bottega Veneta’s new home boutique
a vase with some plants in it sitting on a table next to a wall hanging
Decorating Archives - So Much Better With Age
a living room filled with furniture and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling next to a painting
let's get romantic. / sfgirlbybay
a living room filled with furniture and paintings on the wall
Interiors | Villa Manin | Stefano Scatà Photographer
a table with a vase and lamp on it in front of a wall that has an arched doorway
an ornate room with a bench in the middle
Bijou Limon X Chateau Gudanes
an unmade bed in front of a wall with peeling paint and sheets on it
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