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Princess Leia and the Seven Ewoks

Princess Leia and the Seven Ewoks

I figured I'd mix Disney's latest princess (kinda) with the first.

Disney star wars

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Verden over er Star Wars-fans i chok over Disneys opkøb af Lucasfilm Ltd, selskabet bag den utroligt populære serie. De fleste fans håber selvfølgelig, at Disney vil føre den ægte Star Wars-ånd videre i 'Star Wars - episode 7', som siges at ramme biograferne i 2015. I den anden grøft har vi tvivlern

Disney Star Wars

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Things We Saw Today: Princess Leia and the Seven Ewoks | The Mary Sue

Right after Leia wakes up she grabs a blaster and shoots a Stormtrooper who's sneaking up on Han. Agreed? Oh, and who's going to step up and draw Han being unfrozen from carbonite by a True Love's Kiss from Leia? (by Kevin Keele, via /Film)

One Way To Avoid Imperial Entanglements

One Way To Avoid Imperial Entanglements

Grant Griffin is an American artist who has worked with game companies like S2 Games (Heroes of Newerth), DeNA and Dire Wolf. He's also quite the fan artist, as his Star Wars pieces show.

Darth he is your... WHAT??

Darth he is your... WHAT??

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Guess stormtroopers prefer Tic Tacs over gum?

Photos of Star Wars Legos in Different Situations Are Like a Burst of Happiness

We legitimately look forward to the days when someone comes out with new Star Wars mashups and beautiful creations — like these Lego/Star Wars

Disney officially owns Lucasfilm

Disney Now Officially Owns Lucasfilm — GeekTyrant