Kitten's Dream, by Mirsad

Kitten Dreams by Mirsad - a cat's view of the full moon: Giant ball of yarn in the sky

Girraffe eating the moon. The palet choices for this one are fabulous. it really looks as though the colour of night sky is reflecting upon the girraffes skin. The shapes are also all really well done. Looking at it, it almost seems to need strings, to imply that it's not really the moon, but not doing so lends it whimsy instead of the realism the other option would offer.

Illustration by French digital illustrator Cyril Rolando (a. How big is that giraffe? I love the idea of the picture. I kind of think that the moon looks more like bread than cheese, though.

cat art print of OOAK Original cat drawing "A Cute Tabby Cat" grey striped cat, lover's gift, watercolor pencil drawing, desk decoration