Family House in Medellin

Family House in Medellin / Oscar Mesa

Colombian architect Oscar Mesa has designed this contemporary family residence located in Medellin, Colombia.The house was placed on one of the hills that


Polyhedron Habitable by Architect Manuel Villa . love this, would make a good outdoor office :)


Cartagena de Indias features a tropical wet and dry climate. Cartagena de Indias averages around humidity, with rainy seasons typical.


The rooftop of designer Richard Mishaan’s Cartagena, Colombia, getaway offers stunning views of the city and ocean beyond. A planter is filled with bougainvillea, which adorns the façades of many local buildings.


Completed in 2005 in Santo Domingo, Colombia. Images by Sergio Gómez. Background and needs The Project is located on one of the hillsides that have been affected by the violence since the because of the drug.

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