Champagne Physics–or What Science Can Tell You About Drinking Your Bubbly

I've always wanted a glamorous New Years' eve party with this theme. We don't drink in my family, only on trips (like glass of wine in France or Italy) or parties or special occasions like New Years: must have champagne that night.

Light Drinking During Pregnancy, and the terrible job the media does reporting about it.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Linking Assessment and Evidence-Based Interventions

The source of "gunflint" flavors in wine? A great story by Ioannis Karakasis

The term minerality is very often misused not only as a wine descriptor but also in connecting a wine directly with the major soil components of a wine region.

Will Grapegrowers and Consumers Accept GMO Wines? by Erika Szymanski

Would you drink fluorescent green wine? Most molecular biologists-in-training experience their first taste of genetic engineering by transferring a jellyfish

Screwcap or Cork: Which is Greener? by Erika Szymanski

Search for "cork vs. screw cap" and you'll find plenty of discussions on reduction-oxidation chemistry, an increasing amount of data, and plenty of arguing.

Is that really a "wine headache"?

I guess when it comes to avoiding headaches, we can always rely on the old Henny Youngman gag: "Doctor, it hurts when I do this!