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a pizza box that is open and has pepperoni on it
23 Deceptive Packaging Ideas That Aren't What They Appear To Be
Condoms with pizza packaging : ) PD
three boxes of love condoms sitting on top of each other in front of a white background
Us vs Th3m: Bored? We have games, quizzes, ✍ & LOLs ➠
Wilko condoms packaging PD
an assortment of different colored boxes with labels on the front and back, all in different colors
Condom Packaging Designs Bashful Condoms
Condom Packaging Designs Bashful Condoms via Dessein curated by Packaging Diva PD. BASHFUL CONDOMS aims to change the perceptions of young women and empower them with a product designed specifically to eliminate feelings of shame and disgrace.
an abstract painting with multiple colors and lines in the middle, including green, yellow, orange, and white
Love Guide Condoms (Student Project)
Determine your size just by holding the ‪‎packaging‬! Love Guide ‪Condoms‬ ‪‎concept‬ designed by Guan-Hao Pan PD
an info sheet with different colors and font on it, including the numbers for each item
Confortex Condoms
Confortex Condoms by The Wook Co. Pin curated by #SFields99 packaging design PD
an info sheet showing the different colors and numbers in each part of the page,
DUO Condoms Redesigned
DUO ‪#‎Condoms‬ ‪#‎packaging‬ redesigned by Mousegraphics PD
four different kinds of japanese candy
Top Ten Weird & Bizarre Condoms from Japan
Japan asks: Why does playing safe have to be boring? PD
Dad makes daughter a safe sex prom dress out of condoms !!! Well it is packaging of sorts : ) PD Funny Condoms, Worst Prom Dresses, Weird Wedding Dress, Worst Wedding Dress, Funny Dresses, Dress Better, 3 Girls, Clothing Material, Dress Out
Dad makes daughter a safe sex prom dress out of condoms !!! Well it is packaging of sorts : ) PD
an assortment of old fashioned cameras sitting side by side on a yellow background with the words instagram written below them
Packing condoms «Splash»
Packing condoms «Splash» on Behance I can't pin all these because they are too graphic but I do like them: ) PD
three different colored umbrellas are shown in the same color and pattern as well as one with an umbrella on it
Lifestyles Condom Packaging Re-Brand - Jimmy Zubik - Graphic Designer PD
the pizza box is being opened and ready to be eaten by someone in front of it
Pizza Condom (Concept)
Pizza #Condom #Concept #packaging by Malygina Marina - PD