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an abstract painting of a woman with black hair and green dress, in front of a dark background
Portrait with Green Shapes, 2014 by George Condo
an abstract painting of a man with a nose and mouth made out of different colored shapes
George Condo: Artificial Realism - Works
by George Condo
an abstract painting of a man's face
Forlorn Hope
a painting of a naked man holding a cross with his face painted like jesus christ
(#602) George Condo
George Condo B.1957 JESUS ON THE CROSS signed with the artist's initials and dated 07 on the reverse oil on canvas
a painting of a spider man with blue eyes and fangs on it's face
Matthew Byers - Coeval Magazine
a painting of a man with his mouth open and tongue out, wearing a priest's outfit
Sprüth Magers
George Condo, Screaming Priest, 2004
a painting of two people wearing nun costumes
George Condo | Nun and Priest, 2007
Nun and Priest, 2007 by George Condo