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a tiki mask is adorned with tropical foliage and flowers in front of a wooden fence
Tiki Voodoo Polynesian Island watermarked
a statue with trees and rocks in it
Creating Three-Dimensional Foliage Scenery = The Most Fun You'll Ever Have
an outdoor pool surrounded by trees and plants in a backyard with water flowing from it
Creating a phosphorescent bayou theme
a creepy looking creature with green eyes and hands on it's head, standing in front of a white wall
a carved pumpkin with an angry face on it
a carved pumpkin with flames coming out of it
The Angry Tiki God
a living room filled with lots of fake plants and halloween decorations on top of it
Voodoo Swamp Halloween 2015 my own props Magalie Sarnataro. If this woman doesn't work for Disney, she's missed her calling!
an alligator is laying on the ground next to a tree and some other items that have been placed around it
Haunted Swamp Halloween Decorating Ideas - Everyday Party Magazine
the cover of diy mossy effect for a creepy halloween by ted diddleyde
DIY CREEPY Halloween Moss - TeeDiddlyDee
DIY CREEPY Halloween Moss-Video DIY CREEPY Halloween Moss Doesn’t this pathway look creepy??? Better yet, it’s even creepier at night when you can’t see anything, but you feel it touching you as you walk. As my trick-or-treaters approach this passageway, they definitely pause to look around before continuing on, not knowing if someone or SOMETHING is hiding ahead […]