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a hand is holding some kind of plant
lace lichen (Ramalina menziesii)
lace lichen from Sonoma County, US-CA, US on April 06, 2020 at 05:33 PM by Sarah · iNaturalist
an aerial view of the branches of trees in winter, with snow on top and below
Save MacRitchie Forest: 12. Mushrooms - Bird Ecology Study Group
1. fungal mycelium 0504-4
an image of some white and gray branches
Hyphae vs. Mycelium | Biology Dictionary
an animal's cell is shown with white fur on the top and bottom part
Strange looking extremely rhizomorphic growth - Mushroom Cultivation
Strange looking extremely rhizomorphic growth - Mushroom Cultivation - Shroomery Message Board
an abstract black and white textured background
Mycelium fungus stock image. Image of euwallaceae, colony - 102397607
an old book with some plants and other things on it
A personal color atlas from British artist William Gilpin His sketchbook titled “Hints to Form The Taste & Regulate Ye Judgement in Sketching Landscape“
an old book page shows the roots of trees and plants in different stages of growth
“Schematic bisect showing the root and stem relations of important prairie plants.“ The ecological relations of roots. 1919. Internet Archive
an old book with trees on it and lines drawn in the bottom right hand corner
Image from page 47 of "The ecological relations of roots" (1919)
Image from page 47 of "The ecological relations of roots" … | Flickr
an ink drawing of a woman's torso and neck with various lines drawn on it
Scientific Illustration
recalculate-restate-reverberate: A 1914 depiction of a neuron cell body by a scientist that personally inspires me, Santiago Ramón y Cajal. The image appears in Portraits of the Mind, a new book on the history of neuro-imaging represented by the images, and the Smithsonian magazine feature Beauty of the Brain.
an old book page with two drawings of root and plant roots, one showing the top part
Image from page 60 of "The ecological relations of roots" (1919)
an abstract artwork with lines and dots in the shape of a sphere on a black background
Beautiful, Beautiful Data - Core77
an image of different types of blood vessels
Landscape Architects’ Network Is Global, Dense, and Inter-connected
the results of crowdsourcing professional social media followers of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), related organizations like the American Planning Association (APA), and landscape architecture and architecture news sites like World Landscape Architect, Architectural Record, and Architizer. The charts seen at top (view large version here) graphically illustrate the kinds of networks these organizations have formed, the location of their most influential users....
many branches are shown in black and white
If Consciousness Isn’t A Stream, How Do We Represent It?
What is consciousness? For literary studies the most influential framework has been William James’s “stream of consciousness.” “Consciousness,” he wrote, “from our natal day, is of a teeming multip…
an image of some lines that have been drawn to show the different shapes and sizes
catenary model grasshopper - Google Search