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The societal importance of Demetrius is symbolized by his headpiece of feathers and extensive face paint.

Los Indígenas Wayúu tienen su territorio en el departamento de la Guajira, en la región del Caribe Colombiano.

Arne Hodalic - Colombia - Art Print order at discounted prices!

Pinturas y retratos de los indígenas colombianos. Fotografías de Piers Calvert en el Museo del Oro |

the continued traditions of body and face-painting throughout Colombia's indigenous tribes The Way We Are Now, by Piers Calvert

Belleza Amazónica. Del Facebook de "Diversidad Cultural Indoamericana".

A young Rikbakisa Indian woman, At the Indigenous Games on the island of Porto Real in the city of Porto Nacional, Brazil., photo by Eraldo Peres for AP - Pixdaus

Waika Indian child  Venezuelan jungle

Waika Indian child, Orinoco River, Venezuela jungle, 1970 by Bob Willoughby…

Almost one million Colombian natives are at risk of becoming extinct! - radio macondo

Embera-Wounaan girl dressed for a dance, Darien Province, Panama - The…