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three different views of the house from above and below, with trees in the foreground
Mandarin Oriental Tree-top Villas | Oppenheim Architecture + Design LLP | Archello
several blue chairs are shown with the measurements for each seat and how to measure them
Garages Roofing Siding
an aerial view of a house with lots of furniture
House plans architecture layout 43+ Ideas #house #plans #architecture #layout
two different views of the same house, one with an open floor plan and another with a
an aerial view of two houses in the woods
Mandarin Oriental Bodrum, Villas for sale in Bodrum, Turkey
the floor plan for a modern house with lots of windows and furniture, including two living areas
Casa Apaisada – ARQA
the floor plan for an apartment building with three floors and two levels, in which there are
the floor plan for this modern house shows an outdoor swimming pool, and two separate living areas
Ampère e+: Refurbishment of Sogeprom Headquarters | Ateliers 2/3/4/ -
the floor plan for a two story house with an attached living room and kitchen area
House Plan CH303
Plano elegido Más
four different views of a modern house in the middle of some trees and grass with lights on
Casa La Macarena de 220 m2 estilo Moderno en Gran Buenos Aires, del estudio de arquitectura Estudio NF y Asociados de la arquitecta Nadina Fabijanic #casasmodernas #casas #arquitectura #argentina #portaldearquitectos
two different views of the same house from above and below, one shows an open floor plan
Real Estate Offerings | One&Only Mandarina Private Homes | Mandarina
One&Only Mandarina Private Home Villa No. 10
the floor plan of a two bedroom apartment with an attached kitchen, living room and dining area
Onze22 | Idea!Zarvos
Onze22 – Idea!Zarvos: duas torres, duas portarias, um único projeto com arquitetura Triptyque. Aconchegando e repleto de peças de design assinado, o apartamento de 127m² com duas suítes foi pensado pelo III Interior Design para atender a rotina agitada de quem trabalha e mora na Vila Madalena.
two different views of the same house from above and below, one shows an area with water
Loci Architecture & Design Studio
LOCI 107 . Stilts Zanzibar Villa | Loci Architecture & Design Studio