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Oscar David Morales Morales

Oscar David Morales Morales
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Roland's going drill some poor idiot who's messing with. ****ing around with a Gunslinger is hazardous to one's health.

The Dark Tower Series - By Steven King

The Dark Tower: Treachery Variant / Jae Lee (Artwork), Richard Isanove (Coloring)

The page for the comic The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - The Man in Black in the official Dark Tower website.

Roland Deschain di Gilead by mitissima1975, via Flickr. The Dark Tower Stephen King

Roland Deschain, the gunslinger of the Dark Tower series.Roland DeschainJon Shannow, the gunslinger of the Stones of Power series. RulesRoland by DT

Le ka-tet de 19 bientôt réuni dans l'adaptation Marvel de The Dark Tower ! http://ift.tt/2eZDKSd

The Dark Tower – The Drawing of the Three – The Sailor // A collection of mini CYBORGS means big trouble for the KA-TET! As JAKE’S reality begins to bleed with that of Mid-World, ROLAND and the Ka-tet’s destiny takes a startling new direction!

The Dark Tower by `conzpiracy on deviantART

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