Punta Gallinas, Guajira Colombia #Colombia #travel

Colombia is not just one big jungle: Visit the amazing desert at Punta Gallinas, Guajira Colombia

The Tules of Colombia in Antioquia & Arquia

The Tules of Colombia- Indigenous group in danger of extinction. They live Antioquia & Arquia (Uraba antioqueño )

La Guajira - Colombia

Surround yourself with the beauties of Sierra Nevada and let mother nature inspire you.

Cabo De La Vela, La Guajira, Colombia

Cabo de la Vela, La Guajira, Colombia — by Hipermovil

Cabo de la Vela remains off the beaten path for foreign travellers visiting Colombia. This desert by the sea is located in La Guajira,.

Desierto de la Uribia - Guajira , Colombia.

Un pequeño recorrido virtual por Colombia!

Manaure. Encuentra todo lo que puedes en La Guajira en https://tusproximasvacaciones.wordpress.com/tus-proximas-vacaciones-en-colombia/tus-proximas-vacaciones-en-la-guajira/

In Manaure in La Guajira (Northern Colombia) you can find artisanal salt mines well with exploring.

La Guajira, Colombia

la guajira: to the end of the world and back

la guajira: to the end of the world and back Looking for a real South American adventure? If you get off the gringo trail, the dusty roads of La Guajira, Colombia will give you just that.