Military Chirstmas

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a decorated christmas tree in front of a window with red, white and blue lights
Patriotic Christmas Tree. My mom decorates the tree red, white, and blue each year to honor my brother and husband serving in the military.
an ornament with a red, white and blue ribbon tied around the top
Introducing Prairie Creations Ornaments…
Homeade ornaments for our soldiers!
twelve days of christmas care packages in a box with the words 12 days of christmas care package
12 twelve days of christmas care package ideas...may send to michael
a white christmas tree with red, white and blue ornaments on it next to an american flag
Military Christmas
a blue and white christmas card with the words care package
Christmas Care Package Printables
Definitely using these on all the packages I send this Christmas! FREE printable cards, labels, and box decorations.
a christmas card with red berries and snow on the branches, saying everything you need for a sparkling christmas care package
22 Christmas Care Packages Ideas - Jo, My Gosh!, LLC
Everything You Need for a Sparkling Christmas Care Package - Jo, My Gosh!
a christmas ornament with presents on it and the words 1012 deployment
102 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Deployment - Jo, My Gosh!, LLC
List of sticking suffers perfect for a care package - useful and fun ideas. Pin now for later!