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Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad More

this is Harley Quinn in the movie Suicide Squad i like this picture because its of the way shes standing and that shes important because shes the only person in the photoAS

Hawkman first appeared in Flash Comics #1 (1940), and was a featured character in that title throughout the 1940s. This Hawkman was Carter Hall, a reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian prince, Khufu, who had in the modern day discovered that the mysterious "ninth metal" could negate the effects of gravity and allow him to fly. An archaeologist by trade, Hall uses ancient weapons from the museum of which he was curator in his efforts.

Hawkman has been confirmed to appear on Legends of Tomorrow. No casting has been confirmed, and neither has the version of Hawkman that will be appearing on the show.

"Little" Street Art… Equals real life

Artist and photographer Slinkachu of The Little People Project, stacked pills on a tiny female figurine for Balancing Act, an art installation left last year in the Khayelitsha township of Cape Town, South Africa


This batch of posters for David Ayer's Suicide Squad provide great new looks at the whole Task Force X team (minus Diablo and poor ol' Slipknot), as well as The Joker, Enchantress, and Amanda Waller.