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🚽All About Ostomies🚽

👉What is an Ostomy? It is a surgical opening in the abdominal wall used to remove stool and urine.

💩: Colostomy (colon), Ileostomy (ileum)

🟡: Urostomy (bladder)

👉A patient has a STOMA, which is the opening of the abdominal wall to excrete waste.

🌈 Stoma Colors Explained

❤️ Red-Pink: Normal
 • 💙 Dark purple-blue: Ischemia or Necrosis

💗 Pale Pink: Anemia

⚠️ NCLEX Tip: Assess skin around stoma due to ⬆️ risk of skin infections and irritation. 🦠 

⭐️For more information on Ostomy Care, check out my Fundamentals or Ultimate Bundle! 

Hope everyone is having a good week! XO Amanda 

XO Amanda

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