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Maybe ice cubes trays instead of egg carton? Montessori Preschool Tray - Button Counting and Sorting

Colombia - Isla Gorgona, en el Pacífico, es un gran lugar para ir a observar ballenas.

The just 9 km long island Gorgona at the Pacific Coast of Colombia is a great place to observe whales! The whale season is from July to October.

Islas del rosario, Colombia

Rosario Islands, Colombia -are a several different islands minutes off the coast of Cartagena available for day trips or longer.

San Bernardo e Isla Múcura: Paraíso en el Caribe. COLOMBIA

You'll be smitten with Colombia on this luxury honeymoon adventure: taking in the coffee region, colourful Cartagena, and an exclusive island off the Caribbean coast.

Múcura Island - COLOMBIA

Múcura Island - 2 hours by boat from cartegena