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Wrapping a sprained ankle with elastic bandage.

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When you’ve got a headache, a sprained ankle, or some other pain, should you ice it or apply heat? Consult this handy reference chart for the solution.

Let’s face it. It’s confusing as to when to apply a heat pad or when you should get out the ice pack. Thankfully, the good folks at the Cleveland Clinic have created this handy dandy chart to help figure out what’s best for each situation.

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Silipos Malleolar Ankle Sleeve, #15005, One Size fits Most by Silipos. $18.90. The Malleolar Gel Sleeve provides mild compression to help reduce swelling in and around the ankle bone. The Malleolar Gel Sleeve can be used to provide an additional protective layer to help prevent injuries. Two soft polymer gel pads are molded into the elastic sleeve. The Malleolar Gel Sleeve comfortably conforms over the ankle to moisturize your skin while they cushion and protect your a...

Silipos Malleolar Ankle Sleeve, One Size fits Most