Anna Wu Photography | re-branding + packaging

Anna Wu Photography Packaging Suite // engraved wooden box, branded gift tags and thank you card, silk and velvet a hidden compartment for prints // Akula Kreative

anyone bought yet?

west elm martini side tables – they live up to their name – you can’t stop at just one



Meliartos, a contemporary Athenian bakery, is paying homage to the candidly quaint style of old Athens by creating and serving fresh bites and drinks.


Typography inspiration

Based on the Abelina font, Argentinian studio Six & Five has created a series of visually appealing three-dimensional typography designs.

Create Particles Stroke Effect in After Effects

Inspired by the title sequence from Disney's Tron Legacy, this tutorial shows you how to create the animated lines seen in the sequence. This is my first Aft.

How To: Surreal DIY Cloud Wedding Backdrop

How To: Make Your Own Surreal DIY Cloud Wedding Backdrop

I am generally against wedding craftiness, but if I were having an indoor reception I would do this in a heartbeat. - How To: Surreal DIY Cloud Wedding Backdrop