All Hands Support

At Olark, everyone gets involved with customer support. Here are some articles that explain why we do it, and share perspectives from other companies who also practice All Hands Support
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"The Business Case for Loving Customers" and Whole Company Support by HelpScout

Free resource outlining the business reasons for great customer service, why it works, best practices and ways to measure success.

Olark Live Chat - How a PR Guy Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love All Hands Support

Why All Hands Support is beneficial for public relations (Updated)

"How We Roll As A Team: Our Company's Work Values" by Mathias Meyer

Travis CI makes working in a team for a software project easier with automated builds.

"Bringing humanity back to customer support" by

Chase Clemons talks about email support at 37 signals and his site Support Ops

How To Establish a Culture of “Everyone Does Support” by GrooveHQ

If customer service is a one-person job on your team, you could be leaving insights, revenue and customer loyalty on the table.

Zapier and SurveyGizmo talk about how they get their whole team involved to provide great customer service through live chat.

All Hands Support: Zapier and SurveyGizmo

Olark Live Chat - Why We Do All Hands Support at Olark

Olark co-founder Ben Congleton explains how All Hands Support started and why it