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Stair case in Knole House, Kent, England. A Tudor Palace. Marie Tudor, Dinastia Tudor, Tudor Rose, Tudor History, British History, Estilo Tudor, Tudor Dynasty, Henry Viii, King Henry

Henry VIII's palaces

A selection of the finest palaces Henry VIII collected over his reign.

 A lady in Tudor times held the kokoshnik-like French hood in place by a ribbon tied under her chin. Anne Boleyn imported this style from the French court, where she obtained her sense of style. Costume Renaissance, Medieval Costume, Renaissance Fashion, Medieval Dress, Tudor Costumes, Period Costumes, Historical Costume, Historical Clothing, Larp

Tudor French Hood

Eine aufwendig bestickte French Hood für die Dame aus der Tudor Zeit. Das Coronet wurde von mir von Hand bestickt. Auf der Stirn liegt ein kleines Stirnhängerchen mit Perlen und Swarovski Kristallen. Der obere Rand wurde mit einer goldenen Perlenschmuckborte bestickt, die wie kleine Strahlen überstehen. Der Schleier wurde aus goldenen Seidenchiffon genäht und fällt etwa bis zur Hälfte des Rückens herunter. An den goldenen Rand des Chiffon habe ich zahlreiche, kleine Perlen gestickt. Die…

Culture & Civilization of English Speaking Countries II: The Tudor and Stuart Mo. Culture & Civilization of English Speaking Countries II: The Tudor and Stuart Monarchs and some of the main History Of England, Uk History, History Timeline, Tudor History, European History, British History, History Books, History Facts, World History

British Monarchy - Tudor and Stuart Timeline - History

The Tudor and Stuart Monarchs and some of the main events of their reigns

Princess Mary Tudor, daughter of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, sister of Henry VIII portrait also identified as Mary Tudor daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon (? Charles Brandon, Tudor History, European History, British History, Dinastia Tudor, Los Tudor, Tudor Rose, Anne Boleyn, Renaissance

Mary Tudor, Henry VIII's younger sister was known as one of the most beautiful princesses in Europe. She also had the trademark red hair of the Tudors. When she married the King of France, the Ambassador from Venice described her as " a Paradise - tall, slender, grey-eyed, possessing an extreme pallor". She wore her glorious silken red-gold hair flowing loose to her waist. She and her brother Henry were close as children, and he named his daughter Mary after her.

Elizabeth I, Queen of England was the only child of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. She was the fifth and final monarch of the Tudor dynasty. Elizabethan Fashion, Elizabethan Era, Elizabeth I, Anne Boleyn, Historical Costume, Historical Clothing, Moda Fashion, Fashion Dolls, Fashion Fashion

Historical Figures of George Stuart

About Elizabeth I, Elizabeth I of England, Glorianna, Good Queen Bess, The Virgin Queen, from Historical Figures of England, a full length portrait by artist and historian George Stuart. Catelog name Elizabeth_I.

tiny-librarian: Tudor Rose detail from a portrait of Elizabeth I. Source tiny-librarian: Tudor Rose detail from a portrait of Elizabeth I. History Of England, Tudor History, European History, British History, Asian History, Rose Tudor, Dinastia Tudor, Elizabeth I, Die Tudors

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tiny-librarian: Tudor Rose detail from a portrait of Elizabeth I. Source (via royaland)

Alonso Sánchez Coello, Anna of Austria, Queen of Spain (detail) I can't stitch lace, let alone paint it so finely. Elizabethan Fashion, Tudor Fashion, Renaissance Fashion, Elizabethan Clothing, 16th Century Clothing, 16th Century Fashion, 18th Century, Dinastia Tudor, Tudor Style

Tudor accessories: This woman holds a handkerchief in her gloved hand. The lacy band may be pulled-thread work, an early form of lace-style decoration, which is essentially making strategic holes in the cloth. Note the gold aglets down the front of her gown. They were common ornaments on clothing of the day. Henry VIII was fond of tearing his from his clothes and giving them as gifts.

The Execution of Lady Jane Gray - Paul Delaroche - Canvas Art - Oil Paintings for Sale Tudor History, British History, Art History, French History, Lady Jane Grey, Jane Gray, My Lady Jane, Pierre Auguste Cot, Art Gris

Execution of Lady Jane Grey, according to Rowland Lea -'Lady Jane was calm, although Elizabeth and Ellen wept... The executioner kneeled down and asked for forgiveness, which she gave most willingly... she said: "I pray you dispatch me quickly." She tied a handkerchief over her eyes; then feeling for the block, she said, "What shall I do? Where is it?" One of the bystanders guided her. She laid down her head upon the block, and stretched forth her body.'