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Skeleton poster - - skull designs, art, fashion

The Boneshaker poster, more art inspirations and skull designs at…

sweating flesh

☆ Ride Like Hell T-shirt Design :: By Howies ☆ skeleton racing bike bicycle art

Neil deGrasse Tyson -

Neil deGrasse Tyson on the ever receding significance of 'God did it'. god is an ever-receding pocket of scientific ignorance.

Link to 'Magic and the Machine: Living in an American Age of Techno-Wonder and Unreason.'

Living in an American Age of Techno-Wonder and Unreason

:P Good job Billy, your parents must really be proud. :/ We got us a sharp one here… :P Should Creationists Be Disqualified From Holding Political Office?

Madonna Del Ghisallo - The Patron Saint of Cycling: She has influence with a higher authority and can organise –if you’re really good and ask nicely - the sun to warm us gently, the wind to push us from behind, the moon to light our way, the rain to fall far away, and the hallowed roads to be free of potholes, motorists to be friendly & patient so we reach our destination safely. #cycology, #cycling, #madonna

A downtown church will try to heal the "awkwardness" between cyclists and local religious folk by hosting an inaugural bike-blessing event next month

I love it

Neith God Nor Government Nation Of Sheep Ruled By Wolves Owned By Pigs

Bible Fail -

Old Testament Jesus. go ahead and have take some virgins to be your slaves, but please take off that jacket, I don't like cotton-poly blends.

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