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@OXXO_STUDIO | Croquis d’présentation
Destiné aux panneaux de concours et plaquettes de présentation, il est plus détaillé et précis, souvent en couleur, il dialogue avec les images de synthèse en apportant une sensibilitédifférente.creation_illustration_architecture,#adnarchitecture#creationillustrationarchitecture#architecturefrance#oxxo_studio#oxxostudio#illustration#croquisdarchitecture#carnetsdecroquis#dessindarchitecte#architectute#arquitectura#croquisarquitectura
a drawing of a house with several rooms and lots of trees in the front yard
DESINO Eco Manufactory Office / Ho Khue Architects
a whiteboard drawing with different types of lines and shapes on it, all labeled in various colors
Bubble Diagram In Architecture | illustrarch
an architectural drawing shows the various parts of a building and how they are used to make it
Research building section
a drawing of a house with various details on the front and side walls, including an attic
Nesheim — barkarkitekter
Habitat for Koalas Regeneration Architecture Concept, Flood Resilient Architecture, Architecture Portfolio Layout, Architecture Competition, Urban Landscape Design, Color Schemes Colour Palettes, Architecture Collage, Architecture Poster
Insterspecies Refugium
Dynamic interfaces to regenerate a Koala's ecosystem: Nurturing mutualistic relationships between human and wildlife. The project coordinates three major flows - visitors, staff and wildlife, structured into three distinct programs: research, educational and rehabilitation. # Concept Architecture Competition