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Magical Miniature Worlds By Matthew Albanese

Magical Miniature Worlds By Matthew Albanese Matthew Albanese creates small-scale meticulously detailed models of outdoor scenes and landscapes using everyday, simple, mundane materials and transform.

Greek Mythology - Persephone ate six pomegranate seeds while in the underworld, and was obliged to return there for six months out of every year.

Persephone (Proserpina)-queen of the underworld; youthful daughter of Demeter who was taken to rule in Hades for half the year

#ARTIST Kiki Smith - Tapestry

Available for sale from Timothy Taylor Gallery, Kiki Smith, Sky Jacquard tapestry, 113 × 75 in

Brett Mcdanel - Steampunk sculptures |Blog Graphiste / Sculptures, photos, Ver & Vie….

Gorgeous found object art. "Nobody Will Play Catch With Me" By artist Brett McDanel. Left For Dead Art and Furniture. Found Object Sculpture.

joan miró surrealismo

Joan Miro~I would love to spend even one hour inside this man's head.