I'm a sucker for colorful, Bohemian prints. I also think that loose-ish chiffon over a cami is a good way to flatter my figure without completely hiding under a poncho or showing every lump.

Bohemian Scoop Collar Full Pirnt Loose-Fitting Chiffon 3/4 Sleeve Women's Blouse

Full Pirnt Loose Fitting Chiffon Bohemian Scoop Collar 3 4 Sleeve Women s Blouse

Aire Barcelona 2015 Bridal Collection – Part 2

Aire Barcelona 2015 Bridal Collection - Part 2

Vestidos ( Algodón Compuesto )- Cosecha/Sexy/Fiesta Redondo Manga Corta para Mujer

- Vintage pinup trendy wiggle office dress for the modern woman - Comes with top and bottom for a complete stylish look - Great for the working woman or a casual day out - Available in 2 colors Más