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25 Nail Design Ideas That Are Actually Easy-You always think that only sophisticated designs can rock your nails? I have to say that you are misled. Even some simple shapes and simple elements can create the stylish nail art

Saint-Valentin_08 ~ using NCLA 'Blush Boudoir Pink' ~ by Mademoiselle Emma

Viens, on s'aime

Nails Americano find more women fashion ideas on www.misspool.com

30 decoraciones de uñas para lucir en verano

Uñas moradas con cintas ~ Violet Nails with tape

Essence - Dress For A Moment & No More Drama Two tone lilac with silver striping tape nails.

Uñas pintadas ~ Ideas para uñas cortas y largas | Cuidar de tu belleza es facilisimo.com

Ideas en diseños para uñas cortas y largas, ¡no te lo pierdas!

Uñas amarillas acrilicas - Acrylic Yellow Nails

Anime Looking Yellow Nails. If you love something with anime feel, just go with this amazing yellow, black and white anime nails with different patterns and flowers.

Uñas moradas ~ Sencillas, Elegantes y muy Femeninas

Uñas moradas: sencillas, elegantes y muy femeninas