Tie dye your tips with this nail art tutorial and sneak peek from "Pretty Hands and Sweet Feet"!

Try to bring creativity in nail art. Always try new styles of manicure and colour of nails. We always try to facilitate you with new ideas of nail art. Today, enjoy the tie dye nail art.

20 diseños que te harán perderle el miedo al nail art

Diseños que te harán perderle el miedo al nail art

Brushes and Strokes

Tipos de pinceles Easy watercolor paintings, watercolor textures, aqwarelle ideas, watercolour inspiration, tutorials that i love and inspiration

Lindos Diseños de Uñas del Pie - Manicure

Lindos Diseños de Uñas del Pie

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Uñas decoradas con libélulas - http://xn--decorandouas-jhb.com/unas-decoradas-con-libelulas/

Raggio di Luna Nails: Dragonfly ❤ How to accessorize your look Go to slimmingbodyshape. for plus size shapewear and bras

A really cute and light spring nail art design. Play along with baby blue and yellow colors as you paint on polka dots and flowers unto each nail.

50 Lovely Spring Nail Art Ideas

Accent nail with flowers same as other nails, then have flower on thumb or other nail that is color of accent nail

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4 diseños de nail art que no te cansarás de mirar

Uñas decoradas con flores – Más de 60 imágenes e ideas! | Decoración de Uñas – Manicura y NailArt

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I have a collection of 15 Spring Gel Nail Art Designs, Ideas & Stickers 2016 that you can try out in this beautiful season of mist and mallows.