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crawfish and corn on the cob are shown in this close up photo
What to Do — and What Not to Do — at Your First Crawfish Boil
crawfish and corn on the cob are being grilled at an outdoor market
How to Eat Crawfish — and What Drinks to Pair with Them
a person grating craws with corn on the cob
How to Throw a Louisiana Crawfish Boil (Even If You're Landlocked)
a large pot filled with lots of food on top of a blue table
21 Cajun and Creole Recipes That’ll Make You Love New Orleans Even More
a blue plate filled with shrimp and rice next to a glass of water on a table
The Ridiculously Simple Trick That Will Help You Cook Perfect Shrimp Every Time
cooked shrimp and corn on the cob
Seafood Boil in a Bag
1h 5m
two hands reaching for some food with corn on the cob and lobsters next to it
Our Stovetop Clambake Recipe Provides Summer Vibes, Anytime
1h 20m