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a glass bowl on a metal stand with a silver base and two sections holding it
BORIS LACROIX (1902-1984) , VASE, VERS 1930 | Christie's
BORIS LACROIX (1902-1984)
a silver tea pot with a black handle
The Bauhaus, 1919–1933 | Essay | The Metropolitan Museum of Art | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History
a silver table lamp sitting on top of a metal base with a circular light fixture
MAISON DESNY (1927-1933) , LAMPE DE CHEVET, VERS 1930 | Christie's
a small green plate sitting on top of a white table
a metal object sitting on top of a white table
Marianne Brandt | 141 Artworks | MutualArt
two black square speakers sitting on top of each other
Ruppelwerk bookends - Marianne Brandt
Ruppelwerke Ruppel Werke Ruppelwerk Gotha bookends buchstützen boekensteunen Marianne Brandt
a silver vase with a wooden handle on a white surface
Cocktail shaker. Sylvia stave.
a lamp that is on top of a glass plate with a cord attached to it
Bauhaus, art total
1924. Théière (argent et ébène) de Marianne Brandt. / The MOMA, Dist. RMN Grand Palais/Image of the MMA/Adagp 2016
a black and white photo of a bowl on a table with no one around it
Projects by Marianne Brandt | OEN
Projects by Marianne Brandt
a metal cup holder sitting on top of a black tablecloth covered floor with a circular hole in the middle
Projects by Marianne Brandt | OEN
This egg cup by Marianne Brandt shows the utilitarian way in which Bauhaus tried to formalise the world about it where function, without any decoration was paramount and by using modern manufacturing processes and materials instead of the traditional. (, 2017)
a metal object with two crossed crosses on it's top and one in the middle
Bilder zu 2602633. Bauhaus Dose (4-75).
Marianne Brandt
an old black and white photo of a coffee pot and cup
Marianne Brandt, Bauhaus coffee pot and ash tray, 1924. Lucia Moholy