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the outline of a cross with arrows pointing up to it's center and bottom
Gothic Christian Cross by PacAvelli on DeviantArt
a black and white image of a cross
Free Clipart Orthodox Cross
Free Clipart Orthodox Cross - ClipArt Best
a black and white silhouette of a cross
File:Orthodox cross.svg - Wikipedia
a person holding a gold cross in their hand
Ξυλόγλυπτος επιστήθιος σταυρός σε Πυξάρι. 8.50Χ6εκ
an unfinished wooden cross ornament on a white background
Wood Craft Supplies, Wood Cutouts, Wooden Shapes
a wooden cross on a stone surface with no one around it or someone else is looking at it
a wooden cross sitting on top of a wooden floor
Original Divine Crosses — DivineCrosses®