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Think sheet. Have the student fill this out when they have broken a classroom rule or hurt the feelings of another student, have the student reflect on their behavior and then fix the situation. I like this because it lets them think of alternatives rather than just apologizing and moving on.

Think Sheet - Classroom Management

Hold your students accountable for their choices! This 'Think Sheet' allows your students to reflect on their behavior and come up with alternative choices. Space provided for a parent signature to keep parents in the loop about their child's behavior! Great to keep on file - refer back to these ...

Promote empathy and apology of action with this "How to Apologize/Say Sorry" poster packet to support character education in your classroom. Improve classroom management, teach your students to use positive language, and build a safe and nurturing classroom environment. Includes 2 versions & parent letter.

How to Apologize and Say Sorry Poster - Responsive Classroom Character Education

Save $ and buy the bundle instead!: Character Education Poster Bundle Promote empathy and apology of action with this "How to Apologize/Say Sorry" poster packet to support c...

Squarehead Teachers: "3 Steps to Apologize" poster. FREE for your classroom or house!

Squarehead Teachers: "3 Steps to Apologize" poster. FREE for your classroom or house!

"Say sorry to your brother." "But he's the one who--" "Say it!" you insist, an edge of warning in your voice. He huffs, rolls his eyes to the side and says flatly, "Sorry." "Say it like you mean it...

A Better Way to Say Sorry

This post is part of my series on How to Shape Children’s Behavior. “Say sorry to your brother.” “But he’s the one who–” “Say it!” you insist,…

Social Skills - Apologizing

Social Skills - Apologizing

A one page worksheet on apologizing. Lets students answer question about when they should apologize...

**Free Character Building Four Part Apology Poster A Parent and teacher must have for building good character in their kids. So sick of hearing "I'm sorry." over and over again!  "I'm sorry." VS. "I'm so sorry Jessica That I stepped on your foot. I will try to be more careful next time. Will you forgive me?" Which would you rather hear?

Character Building Four Part Apology

This is a poster to address a proper apology. So many students don't know how to properly apologize. I was over hearing the traditional "I'm sorry" over and over again. Now when students apologize it sounds so much more sincere. "I'm sorry" vs "I'm sorry I stepped on your foot Sarah. I will try to ...

Etiquette Courses/Lesson Book - Children Manners Activities - The Etiquette Factory

The Etiquette Factory

Manners and Etiquette for children using manner's books and games, manner's songs and much more -- children learn dining etiquette, telephone manners, respect & accountability. Call 855-588-6266

think will not want to get in trouble because they will not want to fill this out :) Madison is still way too young for this- but I am going to keep this little jewel until she is ready!!

3 Think Sheets for Students Who Break the Rules

Think Sheets are useful for a student who breaks classroom or school rules. It helps students evaluate the problem rather than focus on the punishment.

I need to reword this for my kids, it's just not age-appropriate...but I like the idea!!!

Apology Note Checklist

This is a sheet that I use with students who need to process their behaviors. It also serves as documentation for a student's perception so we can begin to understand their locus of control. In a pinch, it can also serve as a physical apology note to hand to the person who needs the apology. I modified it from the Knock Knock version to be more school appropriate. If you would like to purchase a more lighthearted version, check out this Web site…

Logical Consequences for Breaking the Rules~  Rather than lose recess, connect the consequence to the inappropriate behavior.  One approach is a brief time out so the student can calm down, and then reparative action to "fix" the situation such as taping the torn paper or apologizing to the child whose feelings were hurt.  Good post with helpful action chart!

Logical Consequences in the Classroom

We need to teach students the hows and whys of good decisions, rather than punishing them for making a bad choice.

It’s easy to say, I’m sorry.  But moms know there’s much more to it than that.  Here’s how to teach your children to apologize. #apology

Steps to an Awesome Apology - iMom

It’s easy to say, I’m sorry. But moms know there’s much more to it than that. It’s is all about the heart behind it. Here’s how to teach your children to apologize.

Books That Heal Kids: Blog by a school Counselor that has LOTS of books (even chapter books) that help with common kid issues. #character_education

Books That Heal Kids

Author: Soyung Pak Illustrator: Joung Un Kim From the Book Jacket: When Sumi arrives at school on her first day, she sees a big building. She sees strange children. (Some are big.) She sees wide stairs and a big metal fence. School is a lonely place, she thinks. When Sumi enters the noisy classroom and hears loud children saying things she doesn't understand, Sumi feels even worse. School is a scary place. And when a little boy squishes his eyes and makes a face at Sumi, thats when she…

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