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there are many different stuffed animals on the table together, including dogs and sheeps
These Pom-Pom Animals Are One of Our Favorite New Craft Trends
These Pom-Pom Animals Are Our New Craft Obsession for Fall | Bundled in a basket, artfully pinned on a sweater lapel, or set on a shelf to admire, these heartwarming, adorable and happy pom-pom animals are sure to brighten anyone's day. Take a look at the collection of charming critters here from Tsubasa Kuroda's new book, Pom Pom Animals: 45 Easy and Adorable Projects Made from Wool." #crafts #pompomcrafts #marthastewart
a pair of socks with a teddy bear on them
My second sock doll!
My second sock doll! | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
cute, quick and easy baby toy sewing patterns
Cute and Quick: Easy baby toy sewing patterns
Sewing for babies is such fun. Small, quick projects that are oh so cute. Here are some of the best easy baby toy sewing patterns. Let's get sewing!