Nest and eggs

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a small yellow bird sitting next to a roll of toilet paper
How-To: Felted Wool Chick And Egg - Make:
a little boy holding up a small ornament with a white rat in it
Easter Day | Love in the Suburbs
hand-painted eggs with needle-felted bunnies
three crocheted eggs in a nest on top of leaves with the words nest and eggs pattern
Free Felted Knit Pattern for a Nest and Eggs
For Easter
small felted animals sitting on top of a red plate
a stuffed animal in a green and blue ball with its head sticking out from it's side
22 Adorable Needle Felted Easter Decorations
22 Adorable Needle Felted Easter Decorations
wool felted egg sitting on the ground next to green grass and flowers with text overlay that reads wool felted egg
Wool Felted Egg Tutorial
Wool Felted Egg Tutorial / Frontier Dreams
a knitted bird's nest sitting on top of a tree
Sparrow's Nest
two knitted balls sit in the middle of a tree
Easter Nest and Egg Pattern Tutorial