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two doll houses with furniture and accessories in the middle one is made out of cardboard
Все продавцы :: Dom.Yalo
Все продавцы :: DOM.YALO
two miniature beds are sitting next to each other
an open dollhouse with clothes and shoes in it on a white table next to a tree
Dressing - Angel Mélie
Ca fait bien longtemps que je ne viens plus par iciJ'ai cédé aux sirènes, et à la facilité, d'instagram (@byangelmelie)Et puis pour être...
several small stuffed animals and blankets on a bed with floral print sheets in the background
there are many items that can be found in the doll's house or bedroom
Foxy for kids. Запись со стены.
a hand holding a small bag with a bee on it and pink flowers in the front
#handembroidery #embroidery
a stuffed animal sitting on top of two pillows
Deer doll
there is a small stuffed animal next to other items
Foxy for kids. Запись со стены.
a small stuffed doll is hanging on a wall
20 marvellous things for your weekend! - Paul & Paula
knitted items laid out on a white surface
Alessandra Taccia
a crocheted stuffed animal in a box
Stitch & Sprig
a stuffed animal is sitting on top of blankets in a small round container with a ladder