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Membrete Fuentes / Verdi / caligráfico Fuentes

Francis Lestingi's Verdi is a Calligraphic yet bold style that strays from the norm of most thinner Calligraphic fonts. Thicker strokes allow for more opportunity within the letters to be creative.

Fuentes membrete / LHF Tributaria / Inglés Antiguo Fuentes

Beautiful fluid flourishes contrast with bold strokes to create an extremely well-balanced typeface & a fine example of expertly executed calligraphy. The Distressed letters have been carefully designed to give it a freshly-inked appearance.

Letterhead Fonts / LHF Goldsmith Script / Script Fonts

Old fashioned script with hand-lettered appearance. Includes swashes for the ends of words, numbers, full punctuation & accents.

Letterhead Fonts / LHF Royal Script / Classic Script Font

A classic script inspired from a single word in an old Swedish advertisement. Tom Kennedy then added the remaining characters and personalized it to his own liking. Includes numbers, full punctuation and accent characters.